you pronounce it "OW-lee-a-HOOG-uhg-leh-MEE-crow-soft"

rip Dickard fields sr. april 18 1960 – may 18 2013

Posted on Sunday, May 26th, 2019 at 3:53:22 PM Nigerian Time by Dickard Fields, Jr.

Aolyahoogooglemicrosoft has sadness to anounce that last night our good founder father famiy mamber DICKARD FIELDS SR. was pass away last night of nachorel cuases. Plase to us your condoldononces for us in this difficulty time. We have appresheated your supports.

the rest in piece, Dickard fields sr.

Aciddentaly the domainame. Its’ fixed now

Posted on Saturday, May 25th, 2019 at 12:53:22 PM Nigerian Time by Dickard Fields, Jr.

Oops! The domainame for Aolyahoogooglemicrosoft aciddentely axpired wile I Dickard fields jr and my good families Dickard Fields sr and Rick fields were on vacastion in AMARICA!

Now returning from vacastion realize that domainame was not work. I used my money to fix it and now we have many domainame becoming again. We hope to becoming enjoying you enjoying welcoming back to Aolyahoogooglemicrosoft!!

Holla seniours. Serious bussines

Posted on Friday, May 24th, 2019 at 9:53:22 AM Nigerian Time by Dickard Fields, Jr.

Censourship is bad, mein american compardes. Plase to be not SOPAing the PIPAing the internet, pour your favor.

Help stop cencorchip,

Fresh Hot Salmon Taco

Posted on Thursday, May 23rd, 2019 at 6:53:22 AM Nigerian Time by Rick Fields

15lb of Salmons
tub of butter
lotsa salts
10 jalapeno pepears
10 taco shalls
and an oyster

start by taking the salmons and putting them into a bowl. Place tub of butter on top and mix really hard with mixer on high.

mix the salts into the stuffs to  make some yumyums for your belly. you should dice jalapeno pepears really small to make sure you get the juice and stuff out into the bowl.

takes the taco shalls and put them on tabbbles so you can pour the stuff into them. heat them in ovan at 400F for 1 minutes.

The oyster is just an oyster for yumyums in you tumtum.

good Greetings, visitours!

Posted on Wednesday, May 22nd, 2019 at 3:53:22 AM Nigerian Time by Dickard Fields, Jr.

If you are new hear to being on this and site, Welcome Congratulations! we recently didnt steal some money and got an ackount at Google AdWords (Google is not rellated to Aolyahoogooglemicrosoft even though they share 6 letterrs!) my name is Dickard fields Junior and I am happiest to welcome you too my home, and my family, Dickard fields Senior and Rick fields. we all com from a long line of chef of nigeria, so here at Aolyahoogooglemicrosoft, we create deliciouse resippes and also leggitimate investement opoortuneities from our nigerian home to yourse! Stay tuned as we now will more soon be having the delicious fooding you can make with your kitschen as well as exsiting new opoortuneities for you, the visitour, to get free leggitimate things!

Recipie of Bacon Milk Potatoes Burrrito

Posted on Tuesday, May 21st, 2019 at 12:53:22 AM Nigerian Time by Rick Fields

1 cup taco sauce
2 tsp orange juice
1lb ground beef
5 potatoes
1 gallon milk
1/2 cup salt
11 shrimp
26 strips of bacon
12 flour tortillas

Mix salt and shrimp together in bowl. Mix for 63.7 seconds. Pour in 1 gallon milk and taco sauce and blend for 1 minute. Place in a bowl and place in the fridge.

Put 5 potatoes in the blender and blend for 3 minutes. add 1lb beef and orange juice and blend for 1 more minute.

Place 12 flour tortillas flat on table. Put the Orange Juice, Potato, Beef mixture onto tortillas. Pour the Salt/Shrimp mixture on top of the tortillas. wrap the tortillas around the mix, and wrap in bacon strips.

Put in the oven at 500F for 3 hours. Let them cool down for 10 minutes and eat.

hello seniors

Posted on Sunday, May 19th, 2019 at 9:53:22 PM Nigerian Time by Dickard Fields, Sr.

hello all freinds and womens freinds!
My name is Dickard Fields Sr. I come from a long line of Chef of nigeria
I would Like to enjoy you enjoying this site

please enjoy this marvelous adventures that are to unfold in this site

but first I need to obtain a bank account brb.




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